Welcome To Shio,
A Sanctuary
Of Purity Through Food

Once, ‘Shio’ 塩, or salt, 

held a revered place in Japanese culture

as a symbol of cleansing

 its sanctifying attributes deeply

entwined with cultural rituals. 



Shio, nestled in tranquil southern Tasmania,

continues to honor this concept of purity.

Each dish serves as a testament to this respect,

a narrative unfolding

through the untouched bounty of nature.

Crystal-clear waters provide seafood

carrying the unblemished taste of the ocean,

while the fertile earth nurtures fruits

and vegetables to their luscious maturity.


At the heart of our culinary canvas

is Chef Kazumasa,

an artisan who skillfully wields fire – the ancient purifier.

Mastering the delicate art of wood fire cooking

with a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation,

he enhances the inherent purity of our produce

and unveils their true essence.




At Shio Dining Room, explore our SHIOmakase tasting menus, a showcase of Tasmanian produce through diverse and meticulously crafted dishes. 

Inspired by Japan’s “Omakase” tradition — “I leave it up to you”, our dinner service unveils a sequence of 12-13 courses. This concept, once exclusive to sushi, has now found a home in our contemporary cuisine.

With Chef Kazumasa at the helm, our menu is shaped by the day’s freshest harvest. Each course, thoughtfully paired with wine and saké, narrates its own tale of Tasmanian bounty.



Dawn at Cambridge House brings an enchanting breakfast experience to life, with each day presenting a new, vibrant menu. This is a testament to our commitment to variety during your stay. 

Chef Kazumasa crafts this daily dining journey. Our breakfast honours the art of multi-course Japanese meals, delicately mirroring the season’s bounty. This daily ritual fuses tradition with contemporary flavours.


|Afternoon Drinks

Unwind in the enchantment of our gratis afternoon libations, deftly integrated into your Cambridge House experience. Rejoice in our discerningly selected Sake, Whiskies, and Japanese teas, bestowed riverside where the platypus frolics and bird melodies fill the air.

Luxuriate in the symphony of our side dish flavours, each attentively paired to accentuate your drink, the experience resonating akin to a placid riverside sonata.


|Beverage Tasting

Plunge into Cambridge House, a haven of indulgence, where a sensory voyage awaits. Liberate your senses with our bespoke collection of whiskies, ciders, sakes, and beers, handpicked by Chef Kazumasa. 

Savour each sip without concerns about driving limits; our guest rooms are merely steps away from the Gobo Lounge. 

Here, every drink is a jubilation, shared between companions, enjoyed without reservation. Experience the convergence of libation and accommodation at Cambridge House, an unforgettable sanctuary of taste and comfort.


|Events & Groups

Our SHIO dining room is available for a group of up to 10 people, where you can enjoy our seasonal tasting menu.

Send your enquiry to [email protected] or call us on 0447 514 452. Minimum charges apply.


Philosophy — Chef Kazumasa Yazawa

Embarking on a gastronomic journey, Chef Kazuma Yazawa merges the culinary heritage of two continents – beginning in Japan, culminating in Australia – where French and Japanese culinary traditions intertwine in harmony. His epicurean sojourn of two decades is punctuated with illustrious engagements at globally renowned establishments such as Tetsuya Sydney and Waku Gin.

Guided by unwavering commitment, Kazumasa found his haven in Geeveston, Huon Valley, Tasmania – a tranquil refuge marrying lifestyle with culinary passion. Here, he instilled life into SHIOmakase, an innovative dining concept reverently acknowledging nature’s yield and seasonal transitions.

Chef Kazumasa’s culinary ethos echoes “Itadakimasu (いただきます)”, an expression of deep gratitude towards nature and life. It signifies his profound reverence for the journey of each ingredient, from inception to nurtured growth, with cooking accentuating their distinctive characters. 

Through his creations, Chef Kazumasa unfolds the hidden gems of the Huon Valley, weaving a tale of life and nature’s harmony. This involvement in each ingredient’s journey, from birth to maturity, displays respect for their unique identities. The cooking process doesn’t overshadow but rather emphasizes the true essence of the produce. 

To Chef Kazumasa, cooking is not simply a task, but a passionate narrative, articulating the complex relationship between man, nature, and food in each served plate.

Water & Air Elements

Savour a sophisticated allure of  “MORI,” 森 or “Forest,” a dish shaped by the water and air elements of the Huon Valley. Inspired by the ancient Huon Pine and crystalline waters, this creation embodies the valley’s pristine essence.

At the heart is a raindrop cake, holding the spirit of the forest and mountains in one bite. A drizzle of exclusive Tasmanian Leatherwood honey adds complexity, while rare Japanese Plums from a Cygnet farm contribute an aromatic sweetness.

“MORI” is a journey through the Huon Valley’s soul, encapsulating its unique flavors and aromas in a single enticing bite.

Fire Element

Under the influence of the ‘Fire’ element, savor the simplicity of wood fire grilling, an art to which Chef Kazumasa is well-accustomed. Our ambiance, highlighted by an authentic 1870s fireplace, brings a unique character to the dining experience.

In the soft glow of dancing flames, meals metamorphose, reflecting the chef’s subtle mastery. From the tranquility of breakfast to the allure of evening, the use of fire, a primal energy, becomes a silent yet expressive element of our culinary artistry. Each spark and sizzle hints at a symphony of flavors, meticulously orchestrated to tantalize your senses.

At our establishment, wood fire grilling isn’t merely cooking – it’s an immersive journey. This elegant blend of tradition, skill, and culinary exploration seeks to leave a gentle yet indelible impression on your palate.

Earth Element

Under the ‘Earth Element,’ celebrate the enduring legacy of the Geeves family, pioneers of Geeveston, with our ‘Ringo’ course. Born from the fertile apple orchards of Geeveston, Chef Kazumasa crafts this offering using over 20 apple varieties from Castle Forbes Bay. Each apple is subject to a meticulous fermentation process, varying from five days to two months, to unlock its unique essence. The result is a layered symphony of granita, dosage brut, and a surprising touch of Tasmanian PepperBerry, honouring the distinctive character of the Geeveston Fanny Apple. 

The ‘Ringo’ course provides a sensory voyage, paying tribute to Geeveston’s apple heritage and the enduring legacy of the Geeves family and their iconic Cambridge House.

Reservation Policy

We are pleased to accept reservations, which are necessary and must be made at least 5 days in advance. Dining reservations are limited to a maximum of ten diners per group. Please note, we are unable to accommodate infants and children under twelve years of age.


  • SHIOmakase Seasonal Menu: $472 per person (March-November).
  • SHIOmakase Festive Menu: $524 per person (December-February).
  • Beverage Pairing: $147 per person.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.


  • Payment of the full menu price is required in advance for dining reservations. Cancellations or date changes require 7 days’ notice for a full refund (less a $25 admin fee). Cancellations made with less than 7 days’ notice will receive a 50% refund.
  • Please note that all dietary requirements must be communicated in advance and cannot be met without prior arrangement.
  • Reservations are not available for children under twelve years of age, including infants.

Changes to existing reservations are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.

The “SHIOmakase” dining experience typically lasts 3 to 4 hours. We kindly request that guests arrive on time for their reservation.

A 50% deposit is required for guest room accommodation reservations. For cancellations or date changes, a 7 days’ notice is required for a full refund (less a $25 admin fee). No refund will be issued for cancellations made with less than 7 days’ notice. Children, including infants, are not permitted in guest rooms.

Please notify us of any allergies or dietary restrictions no less than seven days before arrival. Note that our menu is primarily seafood-based and we regret that we cannot accommodate the following dietary restrictions: FODMAPcar, halal, paleo, keto, and carnitarian.

Accept All

2 School Rd., Geeveston Tas 7116, Australia
Tel. +61(0)4-4751-4452
E-Mail. [email protected]


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